Elementary Curriculum

Elementary Curriculum

Bible: Prayer, Memory Verses, Worship in Song, Doctrinal Drill, and Bible Stories which include the Life of Christ, the Four Gospels, the book of Acts, the Disciples, and the Parables.

Phonics and Reading: Vowels, consonants, blends, one & two vowel rules, recognition and use of phonetic sounds (ck, ou, er, -est), doubling consonants, dropping silent e, changing “y” to “i”, suffixes, prefixes, alphabetical order.

Language Arts: Capitalization, Proper Names, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, Punctuation, Sentences, Fragments, Suffixes, Prefixes, Syllables, Compound, Rhyming & Opposite Words, Homonyms, Antonyms,  Contractions, Alphabetizing Words, Types of Sentences,  Dictionary Skills, Diagramming verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, Singular & Plural words, the Writing Process, Abbreviations, Possessive words.

Creative Writing: Letter Writing, Short Stories, Thank you notes

Listening Comprehension: Develops Listening & Comprehension skills

Comprehension Skills: Inferences, Fact & Opinion, Sequencing, Speed Reading, Vocabulary building, Details

Cursive Writing: Letter formation, daily seatwork practice in all academic areas, composition, sentence dictation

Spelling and Poetry: Weekly phonics-based word lists & tests, Sentence Dictation using spelling words, Guided Creative Writing, Creative Journal Writing, Vocabulary Words & Definitions

Science:  Health and Human Biology, Energy, Animals, Plants, Seasons, Conservation, Earth & Space, Exploring the Ocean & Weather, Sound & Light, Hearing, Types of living things (growth & needs), Human body systems, Eco-system, Classification, Life cycles, Biomes, Genetics, Heredity, Vertebrates & Invertebrates, Rock Cycle, Machines & Work, Atoms, Elements & Compounds. 

Health, Safety, Manners: Posture, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest, Cleanliness, Diseases, Physical Fitness, Safety at Home, on the Streets, Playground, in Water and during Bad Weather, first aid, manners at home, school, church, & in public & Interpersonal relations.
Arithmetic: Compare and order numbers, Extend patterns, Story problems, Addition & Subtraction Facts, Multiplication, Division, Facts, Measurements (using inches, feet, centimeters, perimeter and area, unit conversions), Real graphs, pictographs and bar graphs, Money (value of a penny, nickel, dime, quarter), Telling Time (hour and half past, five-minute intervals), Identify Fractions and decimals, Place value, Mixed numbers, Counting money & making change, Computation,  Averages, Geometric Shapes, Geometry, Casting out nines, Estimation, Percentages, Prime & Composite Numbers, & Probability.

Social Studies: Areas are covered in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s Guidelines

Special Areas

Spanish: focuses on the basics of the language & on developing conversational skills and vocabulary. Instruction is designed to encourage students to develop respect for the language, the people, and the varied cultures represented. 

Computer: Identification of the parts and use of computers, Graphics, text, Cutting & Pasting, Sorting, PowerPoint
Library skills: Organizational skills, Critical thinking, Research, Art, Music, and Physical Education as outlined in the Bahamas Ministry of Education’s Guidelines.