Our Story

Temple Christian School History

Our Story

Temple Christian School began with the vision of Rev. Dr. Gary V. Curry, Pastor of Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God, and his wife, Mrs. Myrtle Curry, who had a burden for a school that would not only educate children but develop their hearts and minds for Jesus Christ. The need for such an institution was evident because there were few Christian private schools at the time. Subsequently, the Board of Directors of the church captured and supported the vision to start a Christian Elementary School and launched forward with a steering committee to develop a plan for expanding Toddler’s Academy, which was operating as one of the church’s outreach ministries. Dr. Dianne Major was invited to act as Chairperson of that steering committee that worked diligently to develop the plan that led to the establishment of a new Christian Elementary School.

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Temple Christian Today Temple Christian Today

The 80’s

In 1981, the expanded Toddler’s Academy was officially renamed Temple Christian School and it opened its doors in September with an enrollment of one hundred students, grades one through six, and 14 staff members, under the leadership of Dr. Dianne Major. In 1984, Mrs. Ethelyn Turnquest, a K4 Teacher, was given added responsibilities as the Head Teacher of the Pre-school. Then in 1986, the student population grew to over five hundred, from K2 to grade six. At the time there were twenty full-time and part-time instructors. In the same year the first grade seven junior high class was started with six students. In 1987, Mrs. Major hired Mr. Steven Edgecombe as Assistant Principal of the school.

In 1988, Temple Christian Junior High School expanded to include ten students in grade seven and three students in grade eight. In 1989, the school’s Administration building was destroyed by fire, so the Administration office was relocated to its present site on Fourth Terrace, Collins Avenue.

The 90’s

In 1990, Dr. Dianne Major was succeeded by Mr. Stephen Edgecombe as Principal, and Mrs. Laurie Virgil was promoted to Vice-Principal of the Elementary School. Mrs. Ethelyn Turnquest became Vice-Principal of the Pre-school. By this time the school had grade K3 to grade 8. By 1994, Mrs. Virgil was promoted as Vice-Principal of the elementary and high school and Mrs. Joanne Butler was promoted to Assistant Vice-Principal of the elementary and high school that had a grade eleven with twelve students. Twelve students graduated in the first twelfth grade graduation in 1995.

In 1997, Mr. Dewitt Sands succeeded Mr. Steven Edgecombe as Principal, and in the second term of January 1998, Mrs. Sharmaine Porter succeeded Mrs. Laurie Virgil, serving as Acting Principal of the elementary school. Mrs. Phyllis Cambridge succeeded Mrs. Joanne Butler and served as Acting Principal of the high school. Both Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Cambridge were officially given the positions of Principal of the elementary and high school respectively in 1999. In the same year, Mrs. Deborah Burrows assumed the position of Vice-Principal of the elementary school.

The 00’s

In 1999, after years of planning, Temple Christian High School moved to its present location on Shirley Street & Twynam Avenue where Mr. Richard Cooke became the Vice-Principal. Temple Christian High was commissioned by the then Governor General of The Bahamas, His Excellency, Sir Orville Turnquest. In 2003, following the resignation of Mr. Richard Cooke, Mr. Neil Hamilton was hired as Vice-Principal, and, in 2005, he moved into the position of Principal following the retirement of Mrs. Phyllis Cambridge. Also, in 2005, Mrs. Rosemarie Cartwright, the former Head of the Social Studies Department, was promoted to Vice-Principal of the high school.

The 10’s

Along with this commitment was the Board’s realization of the need to appoint an individual who would oversee and enhance the development of the School. Consequently, Dr. Celestine Williams was appointed Administrator of Temple Christian School in August 2012. In addition, due to the resignation of Mr. Hamilton in summer 2012, Mr. Perry Cunningham was appointed Principal of the High School in December 2012.

Temple Christian’s reputation for having decisive leadership, strong academic excellence, outstanding athletic successes, and a high spiritual standard has been assured by these appointments.

In August of 2013, Mr. Francis Kerkulah was appointed to the position of Vice-Principal, himself having served in the position of Dean of Students at the high school for the previous 4 years. In 2014, Dr. Celestine Williams was been succeeded by Dr. Samuel L. Rutherford as Administrator, who served in the previous year as the high school Dean of Students.

In August of 2017, Ms. Gina Ferguson was appointed to the position of Pre-School Vice-Principal, and succeeded two years thereafter by Mrs. Theodora Fernander in 2019.

Temple Christian Today

Temple Christian School has grown over the years and now has a student population of approximately 1,138. The school is committed to its mission of providing an innovative, Christian-based curriculum embracing cutting edge technology to equip and empower its students to become life-long learners and problem solvers within their community.

In August of 2023, Mrs. Geta Williams was appointed to the position of Vice-Principal, having served as a Language Arts teacher at the high school for the previous 3 years. In 2023, Dr. Ellis Peet was appointed as the high school Dean of Students after having served as a Religious Studies teacher at the high school for the previous 8 years.

God’s gracious hand has been evident throughout the history of Temple Christian School and will continue to be so as it seeks to provide excellent Christian evident in its halls of learning within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.