Option 1:
Bill Payment

Temple Christian has been added as a bill payee.  If you are a RBC client, please see steps below:

  1. Log in to your digital banking
  2. Choose ‘pay a bill
  3. Add a payee
  4. Enter Temple Christian in the search bar and choose the school
  5. The account number section has a capacity of up to 20 characters, letters and numbers, no spaces, no special characters.  The 20 spaces must beutilized, so in the cases where the name and grade does not take up all 20spaces you can add zeros or ‘x’ to fill the remaining spaces.
    For example,  
    schyvonnewoodgr2h000 or schyvonnewoodgr2hxxx.
  1. Account Holder name can be the name of the child as well.
  2. Click ‘Save
Sowing class

Option 2:
Online Transfer

Payments can be made via online transfer as follows:
Account Name: Temple Christian School
Account Type: Chequing
Bank: RBC / Branch#05745 / Account#1642347
Description: Child’s Name

Option 3:
Bank to bank wire transfers

Pay to Bank: /001 1 188448 (BBK) ROYCBSNS
RBC Royal Bank (Bahamas) Limited 
Nassau, Bahamas 
Beneficiary: 05745 1642347 

**Please be reminded to forward a copy of your confirmation of payment to the school in person or by email. Failure to send your proof of payment may result in your payment not being credited to your child’s account, as we may not be able to identify your payment. Confirmations should be sent to:

Student in science class