Connecting with Our Alumni

At Temple Christian School, we believe that our legacy extends far beyond the classroom. We take immense pride in the accomplishments and journeys of our former students, who have become successful professionals, leaders, and contributors to society.

We are excited to share that Temple Christian School is actively working to reconnect with our alumni community. Whether you graduated recently or many years ago, we want to hear from you! Your experiences, stories, and achievements are an integral part of our school’s history, and we are eager to celebrate your successes with you.

Why Connect with Us?

  • Reconnect: Rekindle old friendships and make new connections with fellow alumni.
  • Share Your Story: Your experiences at Temple Christian School have shaped you into the person you are today. Share your journey with us, inspire current students, and motivate the next generation.
  • Stay Informed: Be the first to know about upcoming alumni events, reunions, and exciting developments at our school.

How to Reach Us 

To get involved and stay updated, please reach out to our Alumni Engagement Team at We look forward to hearing from you, reconnecting, and celebrating the vibrant community of Temple Christian School alumni. Your journey with us is a story we’re eager to share!

Our Alumni Spotlights