High School Division

High School Division

Temple Christian High School is a private, non-denominational evangelical school which was founded as a non-profit ministry of Evangelistic Temple Assembly of God. Nestled comfortably and majestically in a secluded section of Shirley Street and the Twynam residential community, it offers classes from grades seven to twelve. The student population is just under 500, and classes in all sections of the school are sufficiently small for students’ needs to be individually identified and addressed.

Striving For Excellence

At Temple Christian High, we believe that obtaining a high-quality education is important for our students. In addition to pursuing excellence in academics, we also encourage spiritual growth as well as excellence in sports and the visual and performing arts. As a result, students have stamped their presence on the national landscape over the years. When all is said and done, one of the hallmarks of our school is the continual striving for academic and spiritual excellence so that our students can become positive, exemplary contributors to our Bahamian society.

Shirley Street, New Providence, The Bahamas

Temple Christian Pre & Elementary School

Our High School Principal:
Rev. Perry R. Cunningham

I am honoured to address you as Principal High School at Temple Christian School, a distinguished Christ-centered institution, opened to students from grades 7 through 12. We are committed to delivering an exceptional education that combined innovative teaching methodologies and Christian foundation with cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to nurture lifelong learners and empower students with problem solving skills rooted in Christian theology.

We are proud of our full complement of highly qualified and dedicated faculty from diverse backgrounds. They are experienced and equipped to provide instruction to our students and they do so with passion and enthusiasm. Their caring support and specialized assistance contribute to our students’ success. Our educators instill a love for learning, critical thinking, and biblical perspective. They create engaging experiences that challenge and motivate our students.

At Temple Christian High School, the involvement of our stakeholders is vital to student success. Our administrative team and support staff are essential in fostering a nurturing, inviting, and secure environment where students thrive. They provide essential support, strong partnerships between home and school, addressing concerns, and offering guidance.

We celebrate the outstanding achievements of our students, excelling in academics, scholastic competitions, and national examinations. We also emphasize participation in a range of extra-curricular programs, promoting well-rounded development in our students.

This year, our athletes placed third in the Bahamas Association of Independent Secondary Schools’ Track & Field Championships. Additionally, during this school year, we received our fourth Eco-school green flag; we became a Certiport center for Microsoft certification examinations and we piloted digital program based on block-chain technology.

We guide our students in discovering their purpose: cultivating love for God and others. Temple Christian High School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, character development and spiritual growth. We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission while exemplifying the teachings of Psalm 119:33, seeking God’s guidance in teaching the way of His statutes, knowing that through His grace, our students will keep His ways

Students attending Temple Christian are afforded a balanced learning experience where emphasis is not only placed on academics, but strong Christian values, sports, the arts, and numerous extracurricular activities. Therefore, we educate the whole child, soul, mind, and body, ensuring that students become life-long learners and problem solvers in their community.

Teachers mentor students daily to be the best they can possibly be, encouraging them to do to others what they would like others to do to them. The learning environment is safe, friendly, and fun, where lessons are interactive with songs, games, and drills.

Parents/guardians of Temple Christian have been extremely supportive and understanding in the face of adverse situations, over the years. Many have chosen this organization because of its family atmosphere, and they are confident in the decisions that are made, which impact their children.

Throughout the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Temple Christian is honored to claim some of the brightest and best leaders, doctors, politicians, etc., that this country has to offer, as alumni of this stellar institute of learning.

Temple Christian is indeed an institution of excellence, with tried, tested and proven leadership, top-notch faculty and staff, and outstanding students. So, why not come and experience the difference excellence makes!