Senior High BGCSE Syllabus

Senior High BGCSE Syllabus

The curriculum at TC High is also a comprehensive one with emphasis on both academic and technical subjects.

Core BGCSE Subjects 

English Language3Mathematics3
Religious Studies1Computer Science2
Physical Education1Guidance0


Students at the senior high level can select one elective from each of the following sets:

Set A: Journalism/Food Nutrition/Art & Design/Commerce/Graphical Communication

Set B: Geography/Accounts/Chemistry/Literature/Clothing Construction

Set C: Physics/History/Music/Economics

Notes on Electives:

  1. Electives for junior high students are filled on a first come/first serve basis.
  2. Transfer/new students or students who submit late elective forms will have to choose alternative electives depending on class capacity.
  3. If electives are filled to capacity, admittance is at the discretion of the Guidance Counselor (juniors) and subject teachers (seniors) based on the student’s previous performance in that or related subjects.
  4. For admittance into Physics, Chemistry or Accounts, students must have achieved at least a “C” in Mathematics at the 9th grade level.  BJC results may also be considered.
  5. Electives are designed to be locked in for three (3) years.  Students will only be allowed to drop and add electives under extreme situations and must consult the Guidance Department/Principal.