The 10’s

The 10’s

Along with this commitment was the Board’s realization of the need to appoint an individual who would oversee and enhance the development of the School. Consequently, Dr. Celestine Williams was appointed Administrator of Temple Christian School in August 2012. In addition, due to the resignation of Mr. Hamilton in summer 2012, Mr. Perry Cunningham was appointed Principal of the High School in December 2012.

Temple Christian’s reputation for having decisive leadership, strong academic excellence, outstanding athletic successes, and a high spiritual standard has been assured by these appointments.

In August of 2013, Mr. Francis Kerkulah was appointed to the position of Vice-Principal, himself having served in the position of Dean of Students at the high school for the previous 4 years. In 2014, Dr. Celestine Williams was been succeeded by Dr. Samuel L. Rutherford as Administrator, who served in the previous year as the high school Dean of Students.

In August of 2017, Ms. Gina Ferguson was appointed to the position of Pre-School Vice-Principal, and succeeded two years thereafter by Mrs. Theodora Fernander in 2019.

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